“Eighth generation farmers”


“Transparent, genuine and fair”


“Part of our history”

Potatoes are our passion! We love this spud so much that we have built our entire business around it. Our family farm, Larsviken, is located in the small village Viken in northwestern Skåne. These days generations seven and eight run the farm, together with a group of phenomenal employees. A lot of knowledge, deep love for our farm and for Skåne are the driving forces here at Larsviken.

Agriculture is at the heart of what we do, but we also have a farm shop with an affiliated online shop, we make delicious crisps and we also sell seed potatoes here at the farm. We have had the honour to receive, among other things, Lilla Sällskapets (The Small Society) and Gastronomiska Akademiens (The Gastronomic Academy) diploma for our work. We see the awards as confirmation of that we are heading down the right path and we will continue to work for sustainably produced good food that also contributes to open landscapes and jobs in Sweden.


“Our vision is to be a vibrant agricultural company today and tomorrow, with the aim of carefully looking after each other and our surrounding environment. Knowledge, honesty and tradition shall permeate the entire company’s production and presentation.”

Welcome to visit us here at Larsviken!