About the farm and the story behind Larsviken

In the South West of Sweden the family farm Larsviken is located. Today the farm is run by the siblings Bitte and Bertil, whom are the 7th generation of farmers at Larsviken. With knowledge and love to the farm and the soil, we refine the potatoes and root vegetables grown to create the chips. We grow a large variety of potatoes and constantly try new and old varieties to find the ones best suited to grow on our land. We aim to bring the family’s proud cultural traditions forward, while curiously gazing into the future with the aim to develop our company to meet consumer demand for new products.

Larsviken’s vision is to be a living farming company today and tomorrow with great care for us and our surroundings. Knowledge, honesty and tradition shall permeate the entire company’s production and presentation. We focus our eyes over the soil to follow trends and development in the field of gastronomy and customize our growing and production methods to the consumers’ needs and desires.

Larsvikens Chips factory  and Larssons Chips

In our chips factory we refine our home-grown potatoes and root vegetables into savory Larsson’s Chips. From our unique potato collection, with approximately 550 varieties of potatoes, we choose the best potatoes of the season. Our desire is that each potato and root vegetable’s natural flavor and unique character are delivered and that the craftsmanship behind the growing and processing will be felt in every chips’ crispness and taste.

In 2012, we began to manufacture Larsson’s Chips at home on the farm. Now we have the whole chain from the cultivation of the raw materials, potatoes and root crops, manufacturing of the chips and packaging at home in our own chips factory at Larsviken. To have complete control over the entire chain and the possibility to choose the raw material that is best at the moment is quite unique in Sweden. That we are also able to use 100% cold pressed rapeseed oil means that we strengthen our position as the market leader when it comes to the production of gourmet chips.

Even the chips production is certified by the Swedish Seal to ensure the stringent production requirements we have on Larsson’s Chips. We have chosen to sell Larsson’s Chips to selected cheese and gourmet food stores across Sweden. In 2013, Larsviken established good contacts with a distributor in Norway marketing Larsson’s Chips to premium stores across the whole country.

The little boy on the chips bag is our father Ture Larsson, five years old, in 1938. The story of the image of Ture starts when a photographer came driving into the village in a nice car. To get Ture to agree to the picture, the photographer paid 25 cents (öre) that Ture delightedly shoved down into his pocket. That’s why he keeps his hand tightly clenched in the pocket of the well-worn and perhaps not entirely photogenic overalls.

Farming-, production- and quality certification

A ground principle of our company is that everything we grow and produce should be as natural as possible and with the least possible environmental impact. We run the farm after the principle LISA– low input sustainable agriculture, that is to say, we do not add anything other than what is economically and environmentally viable.

Larsviken certifies both the growing and producing of the chips with the quality certificate Swedish Seal. Above and beyond the extensive production criteria that ensures a high level of food safety, good animal welfare and increased environmental concerns there are also checked by a third party. The goal of Swedish Seal is to obtain ethically, ecologically and economically sustainable production.