We are well aware that the land we cultivate is a loan from our children, and we must nurture and look after that loan in the best possible way. Biodiversity, natural cycles and an overall environmental thinking permeating the entire farm is a good foundation for us to stand on

We care about biological diversity

We show consideration to the nature and take advantage of what it provides, but we also pay back through active efforts, such as flowering meadows that are highly appreciated by pollinating insects, green paths and dry stack stonewalls where wild animals can seek food and shelter.

Residual products are a mockery of the environment as it means that something that could have been made use of has been wasted. We have solved this through an ingenious cycle in which damaged and discarded potatoes, root vegetables and unflavoured crisps turn into animal fodder. In return, we get manure that we can use on our fields and in this way the products return to the farm’s cycle.

We have chosen to certify our farm according to Svenskt Sigill (Swedish Signet). Svenskt Sigill is an independent quality certification that has extensive production criteria that ensure high food safety, good animal care and increased environmental consideration. The controls take place at least every two years by independent third parties. The aim of Svenskt Sigill is to ensure an ethical, ecological and economically sustainable production, which we at Larsviken also agree with. Please contact us at Larsviken or look at the Swedish Sigill website for more information