Crisps Production

Delicacy crisps – all the way from soil to the shelf. Sweden’s only “Chipseri®” (crisps production) that can boast of growing, cooking and packaging the crisps on its own farm. Potatoes grown here at Larsviken + cold pressed rapeseed oil from Österlen = Larsson’s crisps

The dream of our own crisps production

In 2012, we opened the doors to our very own Chipseri® here at Larsviken. Today we are the only crisps manufacturers in Sweden whose entire production chain – from planting the potatoes to frying and packing the crisps – takes place at home on the farm. From our unique potato collection, which consists of about 550 different varieties, we choose the best seasonal potatoes. Our wish is that the natural taste and unique character of every potato and every root vegetable will be taken into account and that the craftsmanship behind the cultivation and refinement of the produces should be noticed in the crunch and flavour of each crisp. We exclusively use 100% cold pressed rapeseed oil from Gunnarshögs Farm in Österlen for deep-frying, which gives the crisps a deliciously nutty taste. Due to the fact that we allow the cooking of the crisps in the fryer to take a little longer, and we therefore do not have to heat the rapeseed oil as much as is usual in conventional crisps production, the emergence of trans fats is avoided, which is very positive from a health perspective.

Owing to the fact that we have complete control over the entire production chain, the opportunity to pick the best suited produces and because we use 100% cold-pressed rapeseed oil, we have secured the position as market leader in terms of craft-produced delicacy crisps.

If you are looking to buy our crisps you will find them in delicatessens and well-stocked food shops, look for the Larssons Chips brand. You can also order our crisps from our online shop and you are of course also welcome to pop into to our farm shop. Would you also be interested in taking a look at the crisps production, we do arrange guided tours a few times annually here at the Chipseriet®.

The boy on the packet

The little boy in the photograph on the front of the crisps packet is Ture Larsson, the father of Bitte and Bertil. Ture was born and raised on the farm and the photo is taken in 1938 when Ture was five years old. The story behind the photo of Ture begins when a photographer came driving to the village in a nice car. In order to get Ture to agree to pose for a photo, the photographer had to pay him 25 öre, which a very chuffed Ture put in his pocket. That’s why Ture has clenched his fist tightly in the pocket of the well worn – and perhaps not entirely photogenic – overall. This photograph has always been special to us; therefore we are especially delighted to be able to use it on our crisps packets. Ture was always very curious and wanted to discover new places. Our excellent cooperation with the airline SAS means that Ture is now travelling the world, as a sort of modern Nils Holgersson from the Selma Lagerlöf novel, with the help of Larsson’s crisps.

Larssons chips – The Movie

Larsson’s crisps – eight taste sensations

New: Pepper and chilli potato crisps

The latest news from us at Larsson’s delicacy crisps is a combination of robust and rich flavours. Smoked peppers along with Anchochili provide deep tones that are balanced with lemon and a pinch of sea salt. Warm and tempting flavours that hint at warming summer sunsets.

Goes well with: Barbecue, apple juice and pickled vegetables.

Seasonal potatoes – the best potatoes of this season

The seasons dictate what potatoes we choose. Around midsummer it is new potatoes and in the autumn it is usually one of our colourful potato varieties. Every season has its charm.

Goes well with: Smoked meat, savoury dips and lager beer

Wild potato: seasonal product

Solanum Phureja, a tasty cousin of our beloved potato. Wild potatoes have a fantastic golden-yellow colour, nutty flavour and turn into really crunchy crisps.

Goes well with: Crème fraiche, bleak roe and lager beer

Dill, chives and sour cream flavoured potatoes

Classic Swedish summer flavours. A traditional flavour combination with a twist.

Goes well with: Ale, smoked fish and barbecue flavours

Potato with a taste of green asparagus

Green asparagus and a little bit of cheese, does it get any better?

Goes well with: White wine, summer salads and creamy dips

Liquorice flavoured potatoes

Crispy potato crisps flavoured with three kinds of liquorice root. Some people may think it is a bit odd but most people think it is wonderful.

Goes well with: Champagne, Cava and dry cider

Apple cider vinegar flavoured potato crisps

A trio of vinegar is what flavours these crisps. Apple, onion and a pinch of sea salt help to balance the acid and provide the characteristic taste.

Goes well with: Fish and seafood, lager beer and apple cider

Root vegetables– 100 % parsnip, parsley root and beetroot

The only of our crisps not contain any potatoes. The root vegetables are so crispy and flavoursome that they do well on their own.

Goes well with: Full-bodied red wine, mulled wine and soft cheeses